Ps command does not output JVM arguments

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Old 11-01-2013
Ps command does not output JVM arguments


My OS is:

SunOS mymachine 5.10 Generic_148888-04 sun4v sparc SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise-T5220

I wish to get as much detailed information regarding a java process like the JVM args etc however my current ps command does not yield any detailed output but just one short line.

bash-3.2$ ps -ef | grep java
     usr1 1167  1143   0   Oct 29 ?         327:45 /opt/app/bea/jdk1.6.0_41/bin/sparcv9/java -server -XX:ParallelGCT

The below are the options with my ps command.

bash-3.2$ ps -xef
ps: illegal option -- x
usage: ps [ -aAdeflcjLPyZ ] [ -o format ] [ -t termlist ]
        [ -u userlist ] [ -U userlist ] [ -G grouplist ]
        [ -p proclist ] [ -g pgrplist ] [ -s sidlist ] [ -z zonelist ]
  'format' is one or more of:
        user ruser group rgroup uid ruid gid rgid pid ppid pgid sid taskid ctid
        pri opri pcpu pmem vsz rss osz nice class time etime stime zone zoneid
        f s c lwp nlwp psr tty addr wchan fname comm args projid project pset

My login id is the same as the one that runs this java process.

Can you please suggest the correct arguments that should be used with the ps command to get the desired detailed output ?

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Old 11-01-2013
We cant invent what is not in the man pages you know... what ps does depend of the OS implementation...
the (very) long listing you want is obtainable on HP-UX where you do have ps -efx

Using ptree could give you clues...
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Old 11-01-2013
Originally Posted by vbe
We cant invent what is not in the man pages you know... what ps does depend of the OS implementation...
the (very) long listing you want is obtainable on HP-UX where you do have ps -efx

Using ptree could give you clues...
How does

help ?

bash-3.2$ ptree 1167
29373 /bin/sh /opt/app//bea/domains/Myapp78/bin/ 78
  29386 /bin/sh /opt/app//bea/domains/Myapp78/bin/ nodebug n
    1167 /opt/app//bea/jdk1.6.0_41/bin/sparcv9/java -server -XX:ParallelGCT

It does not give me what i desire
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Old 11-01-2013
Fortunatelly Solaris ships BSD ps utility in /usr/ucb. To get all the java arguments, run:
/usr/ucb/ps awwwx | grep java

Alternatively you can use:
pargs `pgrep java`

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Old 11-01-2013
Solaris 11 ships without /usr/ucb/ps but integrates the BSD-style args in /usr/bin/ps.
A portable expression is
PATH=/usr/ucb:/bin:/usr/bin ps awwwx | grep java

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