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Old 10-24-2013
Find pattern suffix matching pattern


I am trying to get a result out of this but fails please help. Have two files /tmp/1 & /tmp/hosts. 



I want this result in /tmp/hosts if hostname is already there dont want duplicate entry.

This is wrong
123.456.789.01 abcdefgh.was.tb.dsdc abcdefgh.was.tb.dsdc

This is correct
123.456.789.01 abcdefgh.was.tb.dsdc

Trying with this:

if grep abcdefgh.was.tb.dsdc /tmp/hosts; then
. /tmp/1 && sed -i "s/^$IP\(.*\)$/$IP\1 $WAS_HOSTNAME/" /tmp/hosts;

Thanks in advance

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Old 10-24-2013
Try using awk:
awk -F= 'NR==FNR{I[$1];next}$2 in I{v=$2;getline;print v,$2}' /tmp/hosts /tmp/1

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Old 10-24-2013
Re Find pattern suffix matching pattern

Hi Yoda,

Thanks for the reply. I was wondering if the same file can be updated with the actual result. Here the /tmp/hosts file should be updated.

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Old 10-24-2013
You could redirect the output of awk program to a tmp file and rename it back to original.
awk ... > /tmp/$$; mv /tmp/$$ /tmp/hosts

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Old 10-25-2013
Re: Find pattern suffix matching pattern

Hi Yoda,

I tried that, when for first time i run this it writes and moves the content required. But, when i run it second time it creates empty redirect file, as nothing is there to write and the same is moved to original file. So, getting an empty file on second attempt.

cp -p /tmp/hosts /tmp/; awk -F= 'NR==FNR{I[$1];next}$2 in I{v=$2;getline;print v,$2}' /tmp/hosts /tmp/1 > /tmp/$$; mv /tmp/$$ /tmp/hosts

Please suggest.


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Old 10-25-2013
Could the process id change between two statements?

Try using a file with fixed file name such as /tmp/hosts.tmp instead of /tmp/$$
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