Sending mail in UNIX with body and attachment(.txt) using sendmail command

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Old 10-12-2013
Hi All, Thanks a lot for your suggestions,
The below code worked to convert from Unix to Dos
perl -i -p -e 's/\n/\r\n/' file

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SENSIBLE-MDA(8) 					      System Manager's Manual						   SENSIBLE-MDA(8)

sensible-mda - a generic local MDA router for Debian systems SYNOPSIS
sensible-mda from to detail client-addr DESCRIPTION
sensible-mda is used to simplify the installation and configuration of sendmail(8) , or other MTAs for use on Debian systems. With sensi- ble-mda, sendmail can support a plethora of MDAs (procmail, maildrop, deliver, etc.) without having pick any one of them as required. FUNCTION
sensible-mda is called by sendmail as a local mailer when the following exists in define(`LOCAL_MAILER_ARGS', `sensible-mda $g $u $h ${client_addr}')dnl sensible-mda will look for the following MDAs (in this order), and pass the mail on to the first SUID MDA found (Or first found MDA, if run w/euid=root): procmail(1), maildrop(1), deliver(8), mail.local(8) OPTIONS
Available command line options are the following: from The sender of this email (sendmail $g variable) to The recipient of this email (sendmail $u variable) detail The detail portion of the recipient userid (sendmail $h variable) - ie: client-addr TCP/IP address of the sender (sendmail ${client_addr} variable) Not used (for the nonce) FILES
/etc/mail/ sendmail m4 input to generate /etc/mail/ actual sendmail configuration file (treated as a binary file) SEE ALSO
sendmail(8), procmail(1), maildrop(1), deliver(8), mail.local(8) BUGS
None known so far. AUTHOR
Richard Nelson <> HISTORY
4th Berkeley Distribution October 21 1999 SENSIBLE-MDA(8)