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Old 09-28-2001
Lightbulb help me

when i use cc command to compile a C program **.c , system gave me a alarm messageSmilieptional language package not installed,please tell me how to insovle this problem?

SUN system , SunWorkshop cc

may be ,i don't install c language package,do i?

thanks for your instruct

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Old 09-28-2001
More details would be good, for instance...

What OS (Linux, AIX, SUN, etc) ?
What compiler (gcc, xlc, SunWorkshop cc, etc) ?

I assume the file's name is not really "**.c" is it?

Always remember... when asking for help, the more details you
provide, the better the answers will be. Smilie
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Old 10-03-2001
This error means that you have not installed the Sun C-compiler.... ...

However, there is another option.. You can install the GNU c-compiler.. ;> (Of course, this means you need to modify your PATH variable and stuff so that when you type "cc" it uses the GNU c-compiler and not the one which comes with your system...)... The default Sun c-compiler is very basic and designed for building kernels (and that's really about it)...

SOme other utilities which you should install to make your system work nicely:

perl (recent version)

There are a couple of other things, but I just can't think of them right now.... But, that' s a reasonable start for development (in my not-so-humble opinion..)

- dEvNuL
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