Need help to create cron job

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Old 09-17-2013
Need help to create cron job

Dear Experts,

I want to create cronjob with the following steps:

1. go to directory /home/logs/

$cd /home/logs/

2. copy to /tmp/ the most recent file with "prefix" local_data_ and sufix ".gz"

ls -ltr
drwxr-xr-     4096            Nov 24  2009 bak
drwxr-xr-x   24096           Aug 25  2011 DIspalys
-rw-r--r-- 1 398212681    Aug 29 02:48 request_290813.xml.res.gz
-rw-r--r-- 1 960             Sep  8 00:21 dump_20130908.ack
-rw-r--r-- 1  1529614609 Sep  8 05:42 local_data_20130908..res.gz
-rw-r--r-- 1  1535919259 Sep 15 05:25 local_data_20130915.res.gz

PLZ some help to got the latest file!!!

copy the file to /tmp/

$ cp ocal_data_20130915.res.gz /tmp/

3. go to /tmp/ and gunzip the file
$gunzip local_data_20130915.res.gz

4. grep the obtained file:

$ grep -i nass  local_data_20130915.res | wc -l > /tmp/result.txt

5. delete the file local_data_20130915.res
$ rm -f local_data_20130915.res

I need that the above steps will be executed every Monday at 8 am

as example:

00 8 **1 root

any body can help me Smilie

Many Thanks,

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Old 09-17-2013
What are the OS, platform and shell you use?

Why dont you write the script and submit to us, with what you cant do or giving also the error output...
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Old 09-17-2013
thanks for reply!

I am using Linux Redhat and I'm blocked in : how to get the most recent file with the prefix "local_data_id" then copy it to another directory.
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Old 09-17-2013
Try this:

ls -ltr local_data_* | tail -n1 | awk '{print $9}' | xargs -n1 -i cp {} /tmp

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Old 09-17-2013
I was asking, but I dont, I have no RH at the moment... If all you want is a count of a grep in a .gz file, dont you have gzcat
in which case you can simply do:
gzcat local_data_20130915.res.gz|grep nass|wc -l

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Old 09-17-2013
if that works, then the complete command would be:
cd /home/logs/;gzcat $(ls -rt local_data*.gz|tail -1)|grep nass|wc -l >/tmp/result.txt

That you could put on 2-3 lines in a script and yes, use cron to sched its execution...
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Old 09-17-2013
The question has shifted from "how do I create a cronjob?" to "how do I move the latest file?". There was a very similar thread about a week ago:

Move most recent file
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