Really need some help with Parsing files by date

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Old 09-09-2013
Question Really need some help with Parsing files by date

I am new to Unix and need some help with a problem I have.

I have been asked to ftp a file(s) from a directory to another system.
I need to be able to allow the current days file to build and only send any other file across that is in the directory. I need a peice of code that will read the date from a file e.g. "LABSDATA_20130909.DAT" know that it todays file and leave it but read the next file in e.g. "LABSDATA_20130908.DAT" and recognise it has the previous days date and ftp this file and any other file that doesn't contain todays date.

I have been told I can use parsing to do but I only have basic Unix experience.

Any advice, help or tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Old 09-09-2013
It sounds like the filename contains the date in question as opposed to actually having to open the file. So the first think to do is to construct today's date in the same format contained in the filename. So assuming the file will always have LABSDATA and DAT, you would do
today_file="LABSDATA_`date +%Y%m%d`"
if [[ ! -f ${today_file} ]
  echo "I can't find today's file ${today}file}
# so process the file in however you see fit, lke transfer it by way
# of example
scp ${today_file} user@host:

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Old 09-09-2013
A simpler solution is to get all the files in the directory, and discard today's file.
But, if the intent is to get files every day, how will you know that you have already retrieved the file from two days ago?
If you have write permission on the remote directory, you could run an ftp process to delete each file after you have successfully processed it on the local system.
See this thread

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Old 09-09-2013
A script that has exactly what you asked for - to paraphrase Oscar Wilde - the greatest unhappiness comes from getting what you asked for.

This makes no assumptions about anything, it uses remote site file times. And jgt is correct, if something does not remove files over there, you will suck 'em in again and again.

Create a file .netrc in your (or the user who does this) home directory. permissions 700.
machine remotehostname user ftpusername password ftpusrnamepassword

shell script, change /bin/ksh to the system's shell.

ftp remotenode <<EOF | awk '{print $6 "-" $7 "-" $8, $(NF)}' > t.txt

# change remotenode to the correct name of the ftp server, in 2 places
# echo files older than today; dynmically build a script to run
echo 'ftp remotenode <<EOF ' > tmp.shl
today=$(date '+%b-%d-%Y')
awk -v t=$today ' $1==t {next} {print "get",  $2}' t.txt >> tmp.shl
echo 'bye' >> tmp.shl
echo 'EOF' >> tmp.shl
chmod +x tmp.shl
# run dynmaic script

Stuff in red changes
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