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Old 09-03-2013
RedHat Colors not being Interpreted

Hello, I am having an issue with ANSI colors in Redhat linux.

I am running a script where the colours have been set very early on as follows:
# Reset
Color_Off='\033[0m'       # Text Reset

# Regular Colors
Black='\033[0;30m'        # Black
Red='\033[0;31m'          # Red
Green='\033[0;32m'        # Green
Yellow='\033[0;33m'       # Yellow
Blue='\033[0;34m'         # Blue
Purple='\033[0;35m'       # Purple
Cyan='\033[0;36m'         # Cyan
White='\033[0;37m'        # White

# Bold
BBlack='\033[1;30m'       # Black
BRed='\033[1;31m'         # Red
BGreen='\033[1;32m'       # Green
BYellow='\033[1;33m'      # Yellow
BBlue='\033[1;34m'        # Blue
BPurple='\033[1;35m'      # Purple
BCyan='\033[1;36m'        # Cyan
BWhite='\033[1;37m'       # White

Later in the script these are used to color define sections of output by reffering to them using:
 ${White} blah blah blah ${Color_off}

Now this works fine on an AIX server I have already deplyed this too, but Redhat seems not to interpret these codes as the output is for example:
\033[0;37m blah blah blah \033[0m

The script runs in korn shell (ksh) and I have tried running it as bash although it breaks some other parts of the script and does not help with the color issue.

Has anyone experienced this or have any possibly solutions for me?
(Apart from removing the color coding as this is my backup option)
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Old 09-03-2013
echo "$White i am luminous now $Color_Off i am dull again"

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Old 09-03-2013
I've tried your suggestion but to not avail.

One thing I did try was just trsting colors at the command line with this:
echo -e "testing \033[0;37mCOLOR1\033[1;35mCOLOR2\033[m"

And that worked great, no problems. But when I run this script the codes are just spat back out and not interpretted as the colors I wanted
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Old 09-03-2013
echo does not interpret escapes on most systems!

Try printf. You'll need to add \n at the ends of strings.
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Old 09-04-2013
That seems to have worked! Thank you very much. Such a simple solution to my hours of headscratching.

Now just need to get that \n in the correct place and I'm Sorted Smilie
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