Script shell calculate mean arrival request duration

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Old 08-28-2013
Script shell calculate mean arrival request duration

I have implemented this command :
tshark -eth0 -T fiels -e frame.time et sip.Request-Line -z sip,stat > test2.txt

the result of this command : test.txt:
Aug 27, 2013 23:06:47.334270000	INVITE	
Aug 27, 2013 23:06:47.335045000	 SIP/2.0 401 Unauthorized 
Aug 27, 2013 23:06:47.336897000	ACK	
Aug 27, 2013 23:06:47.350187000	INVITE	
Aug 27, 2013 23:06:47.351728000	 SIP/2.0 100 Trying 
Aug 27, 2013 23:06:47.354311000	INVITE	
Aug 27, 2013 23:06:47.500954000	 SIP/2.0 180 Ringing 
Aug 27, 2013 23:06:47.504776000	 SIP/2.0 180 Ringing 
Aug 27, 2013 23:06:48.415368000	CANCEL	
Aug 27, 2013 23:06:48.416001000	 SIP/2.0 487 Request Terminated 
Aug 27, 2013 23:06:48.416193000	 SIP/2.0 200 OK 
Aug 27, 2013 23:06:48.416522000	CANCEL	
Aug 27, 2013 23:06:48.424779000	ACK	
Aug 27, 2013 23:06:48.590352000	 SIP/2.0 200 OK 
Aug 27, 2013 23:06:48.590370000	 SIP/2.0 487 Request Terminated 
Aug 27, 2013 23:06:48.595704000	ACK

so this file presents the arrival time and the name of the request or response of the sip protocol.
my purpose is to calculate :
1) the mean time duration of request = sum ( arrival_time_current_request - arrival_time_previous-request) / ( total number of request)

given that a sip request can be : ack, invite,cancel

1) I will repeat the same think with response :the mean time duration of response = sum ( arrival_time_current_resonset - arrival_time_previous-response) / ( total number of response)

given that a sip response can be : 180Ringing,200ok....etc

Thanks you.

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Please how can help me ?

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Old 09-05-2013
To assist us in this, try breaking the problem up a bit - I can't spek fo the others here but I'm reluctant to expend a bunch of energy understanding how that packet dump format works and what the chain of events should be.

What specific questions do you have?
Are you having trouble making a script that identifies which lines in the output make up one 'conversation'? (If so, list what one conversation would look like and then show it in the larger output)
Are you having trouble scripting the maths to calculate the time differences? (If so, show exactly what values you are trying to perform the maths on).

Sorry I can't help more yet but you should find plenty of assistance once the problem is more clear.
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