Passing Global Shell variables to awk

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Old 08-26-2013
Passing Global Shell variables to awk

Hi All,

Iam trying to pass global shell variables and is not working

Main script is like below

CYEAR=`date +"%y"`
CFYEAR=`date +"%Y"`
CMONTH=`date +"%m"`

if [ $CMONTH -eq "01" ]
        PYEAR=`expr $CYEAR - 1`
        PFYEAR=`expr $CFYEAR - 1`
        PMONTH=`expr $CMONTH - 1`
        if [ $PMONTH -lt 10 ]

echo $CMONTH
echo $CYEAR
echo $CFYEAR
echo $PMONTH
echo $PYEAR
echo $PFYEAR


The is like below

> /dummy/history/history.$PMONTH.$PFYEAR
> /dummy/history/history.$CMONTH.$CFYEAR.copy
awk -v CMONTH=$CMONTH -v CYEAR=$CYEAR -v CFYEAR=$CFYEAR -v PMONTH=$PMONTH -v PYEAR=$PYEAR -v PFYEAR=$PFYEAR -f /dummy/scripts/   /dummy/backup_history/history.$CMONTH.$CFYEAR.copy is like below

BEGIN { FS = "|"}

{ if (($5 == "$PMONTH") && ($6 == "$PYEAR")) print $0 >> "/dummy/history/history.$PMONTH.$PFYEAR";
{ if (($5 == "$CMONTH") && ($6 == "$CYEAR")) print $0 >> "/dummy/history/history.$CMONTH.$CFYEAR.copy";

Where am I going wrong?
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Old 08-26-2013
You would access the awk variables as such:
if (($5 == PMONTH) ... ) ...


$ X=1            
$ echo 1 | awk -v X=$X '{ if( $1 == X ) print "Yes" }'
$ echo 2 | awk -v X=$X '{ if( $1 == X ) print "Yes" }'

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Old 08-26-2013
working in if but not in file name

It working in the if condition like below

{ if (($5 == PMONTH) && ($6 == PYEAR)) print $0

but not in the file name like below



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Old 08-26-2013
You need to take the variables out of the string (and not reference them with $), and concatenate the string you want:
"/dummy/history/history." PMONTH "." PFYEAR

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Old 08-26-2013
If they didn't work with $ the first time, they won't work with $ the second, third, or fourth time. $ has a different meaning in awk anyway, it means column. Smilie

awk doesn't substitute variables inside strings, they have to be outside. You can concatenate strings and variables just by listing them in order though, so almost as easy.

Try this, with the variables outside double quotes:

"/dummy/history/history." PMONTH "." PFYEAR;

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Old 08-26-2013
... >> ("/dummy/history/history." PMONTH "." PFYEAR);
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Old 08-26-2013
Corona688 you could be little gentler in your replies...

I did remove the $ and still it did not work so I kept it back

now I think I will try the new way....thanks all to your replies...
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