[Solved] Find position of character with awk

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Old 08-19-2013
[Solved] Find position of character with awk

Hi Guys!
Could anyone help me with?..
I have a line which says

BCVGF%6$#900 .....How can we know which position is for % or say $ by command or script?There is any way to get a prompt by any script?

Thanks a lot
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Old 08-19-2013
echo "BCVGF%6$#900" | awk '{for(i=1;i<=length($0);i++) {if (substr($0,i,1)=="%") {print i}}}'

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Old 08-19-2013
Thanks a lot Krish!!!!!
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Old 08-19-2013
Yet another way with awk...
echo "BCVGF%6$#900" | awk -F% '{print length($1)+1}'

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Old 08-19-2013
echo 'BCVGF%6$#900' | awk '{print index($0,"%")}'

Returns 0 if not found.
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Old 08-19-2013
T=${LINE%%\%*}; echo $((${#T}+1))

Returns length(LINE) +1 if not found
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Old 08-20-2013
Thanks every one of you for the help!!!!

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