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Old 09-26-2001
Tools oracle probs on HPUX11

Hi all

we r using hpUX11.00 9000 sever as oracle 8i db server...

But the problem is we have 4 instances of dbs but upto my knowledge there are only to ports available for TNS listen...

how can i configure or get wht ever it may be the other two ports for tns listener.........

waiting for ur response.
thanks and regards

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Old 09-29-2001

On one server (an IBM RS/6000) that we have, I have 4 Oracle database instances running plus a Designer/2000 repository (effectively another instance).

We've not had to mess around with allocating new ports for the TNS Listener. All you should need to do it call the instances different names and then set up standard entries in tns_names.ora on the server and clients.

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Old 09-29-2001

I think you can have more ports than 2, just make sure you pick free ones. Besides traffic from all instances can use the one and only port.
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