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Egrep confusion with "I" and "-I" pattern

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Old Unix and Linux 07-18-2013   -   Original Discussion by VBG
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Linux Egrep confusion with "I" and "-I" pattern

I am executing following command

egrep -w I filename.txt

the filename.txt has following data ....

-I 07-18 08:31:19.924 9880 6 SessionManager ConnectConfig: ConfigurationWebService LoginResults=SuccessfulLogin
I am so hungry that I need to eat

I expect egrep to print only the second line, however it prints both the lines.
Please assist.
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Egrep confusion with "I" and "-I" pattern Please use CODE tags when displaying sample code, input, and output.

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Old Unix and Linux 07-18-2013   -   Original Discussion by VBG
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The -w option to grep is not specified by the standards. Some implementations of grep, egrep, and fgrep do not accept a -w option and those that do may have different ideas of what it means. A common interpretation of -w is that the given regular expression is matched if it matches a "word" where a word consists of alphanumeric and underscore characters. Since the minus sign is not in this set, the I in -I 07-18 is a match for the word I. To get the exact meaning on your OS, look at the description of the -w option on the grep(1) man page on your system.
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