about cut???

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Old 09-21-2001
about cut???

Thanks for checking in.

Would it be posible for me to do this.

cat {file-name} |cut -c1-10 > {new-filename}

This can be done.

Is it Posible when doing something like this...

cat {file-name} |cut -c1-10 >> {samefile-name}

But instead of the information being add below is it posible to add it right next to the first colum.
colum1 colum2
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Old 09-21-2001
Send the first stuff to one file, send the second stuff to a second file; then paste them:

cut -c1-10 < inputfile > one
cut -c41-50 < inputfile > two
paste one two > finalfile
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Old 09-21-2001
its kinda funny i was looking for the command paste yesterday but i couldnt remember what it was called.
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