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Old 09-19-2001
linux 7.0


1) I have a dual boot system with win98 & RedHat linux 7.0 . can I access the data on the windows partion when i am currently working on linux?

2) How much is the maximum partition size does the RedHat linux 7.0 supports?

3) I have installed modem on my REdHat linux 7.0 system properly. I can dial out properly. How should configure my system
a dial in server? Please answer this step by step.

Thanking You
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Old 09-19-2001
1) Yes, if your kernel supports it, which I believe the RH7 kernel does. It goes like this:
mount -t msdos /dev/hda1 /mnt
This assumes that the filesystem is msdos (is usually is), the partition is hda1 (first partition on your first IDE disk), and /mnt is how you want to access it. One warning: BE CAREFUL. Type mtools command to see what mtools you have installed - it allows you to move / copy / manipulate DOS files correctly. Read the man page for mtools (and each one of them), an read the mount man page.

2) Dunno - more than you've got. I believe the current limit in the 2.2.x kernel (what you have, unless you upgraded it) is in the terabyte range, and max filesize is still somewhere around 2 gig per file. Swap is still limited, but 2 gig is more than you need for swap anyways.

3) OK -
Step one - search for information. A quick search got me this url - I'm sure there are others:
Step two - read it a few times before making ANY changes
Step three - read it again. Make sure you understand it all - a mistake in the setup can make your system non-bootable.
Step four - Are you sure you're ready? Ok, then make the changes.

Have fun!
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