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Old 12-22-2000

I need to find a way to print a rich text document through unix. I don't care how it's done--i.e. some sort of conversion to a different format (postscript?) or through some sort of software.

Any reasonable, quick solution would be appreciated.


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Old 12-22-2000
If I was going to do this I would send the document to a MS box and print using MSWORD. I'm lazy to do an all UNIX solution when an MS one is easier Smilie
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Old 01-10-2001
I agree that a MS printing solution is the better way to go and I've already figured out a way to accomplish that. But, unfortunately, I'm not permitted to go that route and must print rich text through unix.

So, any ideas?
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Old 01-10-2001

Search <A HREF="">Google</A> for
&quot;rich text Unix&quot;. Choose first match, click on a few links, get to:

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