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I'm trying to match the end of line character in a shell script under bash. What I have done it got is a loop that reads each line of a file into a temp variable and then I get each letter of that variable and do some work on it. One think I want to do it check if the character I checking if the end of line character.

eg if [ $Letter5 = end of line ]
echo $tempWord

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I use ksh, not bash. In KSH I set the EDITOR environmental variable to 'VI' because I use VI on the command line. So, I can't remember if what I am going to say is a KSH builtin function, a VI function or both, or just a simple regular expression, YMMV.

When I look for the end of a line on the command line, I use the '$' token, which designates the end of the line.
This might not be the right one for you.

Also, don't forget about the \n delimiter for new line
used in many programs, including PERL, C and some shells.

Sorry not to be more help. Perhaps someone will give a better reply.

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