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Old 09-17-2001
Question Send email to another server on AIX

I am trying to send an email to another server but i don't seem to be able to do it.

I can receive mail form other servers but not send out.
I am using IBM AIX 4.x

Any knows whcih configuration file i need to set ?
or any network port to look out for ?
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Old 09-17-2001

Do you know which smtp server you are using to send email, sendmail,postfix,qmail etc?

running "netstat -l -n -p | grep :25" as root should show if an smtp server is listening on port 25 of your machine.

If sendmail is installed, it's config file will most probably be in /etc/or /etc/mail.

Alternatively you may need to use an smtp server on another machine, i.e. your internet service provider's.

Andy H Smilie
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