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Old 09-17-2001
Question 7.1 & HP Netserver LPR

Over the past few weeks i've installed Red Hat 7.1 on an HP LPR Netserver and everytime i've installed it, I get errors on the drives and it keeps having me run the fsck command and i suspect that its the scsi drivers, everytime you reboot it gets worse and eventually will no longer boot. I've checked with HP and Red Hat and they are still in the testing stages with 7.1 for this server. My question(s) are this, can anybody give me any info if they've had this and corrected it and if so, how? second, i'd like to find 7.0 in the mean time to get my system up and running and can not find it anywhere, can someone lead me to it? any help would be appreciated.


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Old 09-17-2001
Hangs with Root login

I'm also having the problem where once the machine is built and you log in as root it locks after the gnome icons/services have loaded and before the desktop shows up. All i have is a blue background and the mouse pointer, it works fine as long as i don't log in as root. any ideas would be appreciated.

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Old 09-17-2001
Check HP's netserver website for information. (netserver.hp.com) Many of the netserver models require an updated driver disk for the SCSI drives to work properly.

You should be able to get redhat 7.0 from ftp.redhat.com or a mirror. Once installed you could upgrade all the rpm's and essentially have a 7.1 system.
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Old 09-17-2001

i've been on HP's site for weeks awaiting any new drivers, unfortunately this server is still being tested by red hat from what i understand, I did install the newer netraid drivers and was hoping this would fix it but it didn't. I'm basically always getting the root to lock up no matter what i log in with (gnome, kde) then once i kill it, i get those errors requiring me to use the fsck command. once i login as root the very first time, its fine, its after that 2nd reboot is where it locks. thanks for the info.

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