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Old 09-16-2001

Can I use xargs to send a list of commands to a process, to be acted upon individually? Here's what I have: a file that contains numbers, one per line. The desired outcome it to send each number to a DB2 query. I thought xargs would work, but it doesn't. I tried it like this:

cat file | xargs | db2 "select * from table where field = $*"

Can this work somehow?

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Old 09-16-2001
Someone else can reply better than I concerning xargs because I rarely use that utility.

FWIW: if I had your problem I would write a 5 line PERL script that:

(1) opens the file
(2) reads each line into a $variable
(3) executes the DB command with $variable.

You can also do this with other shell languages using the same basic idea/algorithm above.

Someone familar with PERL , for example, could write the script faster than it takes to post to the forum Smilie because it is just a few lines of code.

Others may want to discuss your xarg problem-solution more directly......

can you believe it?? ...... i was just making a peanut-butter-and-jelly sand' and dropped a big hunk of peanut butter on the keyboard replying to this post .... Smilie
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Old 09-17-2001
xargs would not be my first choice for something like this, but it can certainly be made work. I don't know what the db command is and looking at your syntax, I can't tell where the arg should be inserted, but here is an example using echo:

cat file | xargs -l -i echo "arg is {}"

and even better:

xargs -l -i echo "arg is {}" < file

Hmmm, I gotta admit that using xargs in a case like this is starting to appeal to me...
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Old 09-17-2001
xargs works

Thanks everyone. I did get it to work, using xargs with the -n1

file1 is just a list of numbers, one per line:

cat file1 | xargs -n1 "db2 select * from table1 where field1 in ('$*')"
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Old 09-17-2001
Nice job. Thanks for the follow-up post with your solution for everyone interested in xargs to learn from.
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