How do I set up DHCP on Linux

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Old 09-15-2001
Question How do I set up DHCP on Linux

I have linux box setup and connected to a cable modem via a hub which is shared with other win98 pcs. I need to set up the linux box with dhcp.
I have two issues:
First: For some reason, every time I activate the eth0 interface, it seems to deactivate itself after some time all by itself.
Second: when I am able to activate the eth0 interface and run the ifconfig command from the xterm screen, I always get the ip address associated with the lo interface. For some reason, it doesn't recognize the eth0 and even try to get an ip over dhcp.

finally, if I try to ping another machine on the network, I always get network unreachable.

thank you.

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Old 09-15-2001
From you questions, I gather that you are new to
networking in general. Here are a couple of links
to check out that will help you get started...

Linux DCHP...

Linux and Windows DHCP networking...

I would recommend further research as well.
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