Importing R cosine similarity to UNIX?

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Importing R cosine similarity to UNIX?

I really need help in this Smilie

I have a file and would like to calculate the cosine similarity of the values in it...

For now I do use R which has an easy function for doing so
test <- as.matrix(read.csv(file="file.csv", sep=",", header=FALSE)) 
result<- cosine(t(test))

I am using unix of cygwin, so usually have to call

before being able to run a bash file

now I need to combine my R and unix code together
1. either by writing it in unix -- which yet I have not found any way to do
2. Or to call R

1 option is preferable

can you please guide me on this?
thank you very much
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I think you will have to give more details in order to get some help:
What OS are you on?
explain the R code, and what you want in unix
Where does cygwin intervene in the process
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I have two files each of 6 lines each representing the frequency of specific words
now I wanted to calculate the cosine similarity between these files

for R I simply combine both files and extracted the bits from overall matrix that I needed
test <- as.matrix(read.csv(file="file.csv", sep=",", header=FALSE)) 
result<- cosine(t(test))
result-files <- (result[7:12,1:6])

I know that is not the best solution but it was easier as I am new to both languages

I have tried to get R running in cygwin but didnt manage... so now I am wondering whether it is possible to do cosine similarity calculations in unix... is there any shortcuts on doing so?

I a working on windows Vista

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Solved the problem by working on a Linux machine

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