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Old 09-12-2001
Lightbulb renaming files in one commend

How do i rename files ex: file1.txt file2.txt into file1.ttt file2.ttt
in on single statement call.
I have done a awk program that extract the name ex: file file2
but i cannot find a way of using my mv command inside my awk program.
here the code sample
ls *.txt | awk '
n = split($1, va, ".")
print va[1]
print $1
mv $1 va[1]".ttt"
otherwise if you know any thing that will do the same let me know
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Old 09-12-2001
This really calls for a script, but if you're running ksh as your shell you can do:

for i in *.txt ; do mv $i ${i%txt}ttt ; done

which is a one-liner, not sure if you would call it a single statement.
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Old 09-12-2001
Hammer & Screwdriver A thousand thank

Originally posted by Perderabo
This really calls for a script, but if you're running ksh as your shell you can do:

for i in *.txt ; do mv $i ${i%txt}ttt ; done

which is a one-liner, not sure if you would call it a single statement.
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