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Help in awk/bash

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Old Unix and Linux 12-28-2012
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Help in awk/bash

Hi, I am also a newbie in awk and trying to find solution of my problem.

I have one reference file 1.txt with 2 columns and I want to search other 10 files (a.txt, b.txt......h.txt each with 5 columns) corresponding to the values of 2nd column from 1.txt. If the value from 2nd column from 1.txt matches with the value of 4th column of 10 files, then print the row as well as file name.
Also, in 1.txt for eg. 1st value is -191.632 but originally in a.txt it is -191.6318, so I also want to print values same upto two decimal places and rest places can be any number.


1.35732	-191.632
1.36229	-190.8716
1.35503	-191.3254
1.35597	-191.2652


271640.000	 0.49000	 -0.0000036574 -191.6318 -183.82380	
271650.000	 0.49155	 0.0000033909	 -198.30111	 -198.73140	
271660.000	 0.48775	 0.0000014657	 -191.3254 -199.84910	
271670.000	 0.48212	 -0.0000004152 -195.48446	 -193.15580

Please guide.

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