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Old 09-09-2001
Question Downloading vs buying latest version of os

I am currently taking a Unix programming class in school, I want ot know which is more efficient and quicker, downloading the os or buying the os
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Old 09-10-2001
obviously buying the OS would be more efficient, but also more expensive... personally, I'd suck it up and buy it. That way you'll get all the source code and maybe some manuals and whatnot. Downloading it is only recommended if you have a fast connection!!! Go buy! Smilie
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Old 09-11-2001
Besides, you help the developers continue to create such wonderful software by buying!
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Old 09-11-2001
Im sure even if you download the OS, it wont guarante the OS will work normal. Ive tried before and some of the part corrupted. Believe me i download the OS using 100MBps network line and its corrupt. Buying is a good solution. Smilie
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Old 09-11-2001
For beginners, buying an inexpensive CD is more efficient and easier, always. Downloading large distributions is for more advanced users.
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