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Old 09-08-2001
Question Toshiba laptop

I am trying to install mandrake 8.0 on my Satellite Pro 4600. I have got it installed but I am having problems with X windows. The laptop has a trident cyber blade video card I have it set to 1024x768 resolution Basically everytime I start x it appears in the upper right to middle of the screen in a very small window almost to small to even work with. I have changed the resolution to 16 bbp and I can get x in the middle of the screen ocupying about 65%-75% of the screen But I am unable to get it to occupy the whole screen I have tried changign the vga= setting in the lilo.conf file to see if that would make a diffrence but I have thus far been able to get it to occupy the whole screen. Right know according to xconfig It is set at 1024x768 16 bbp IT is running a generic 1024x768 monitor capable of I believe 70 hz and the trident cyber blade generic video driver. Any help anyone can give it trying to get this to work would be appreciated. I have been goign at this for a while with no luck. If you need any further information please let me know.

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Old 09-09-2001
Is it working properly in other resolutions? Which X server you are using? IIRC you need to use XF86_SVGA server for trident video cards. Checkout XFree86 video card/server support list. Also Mandrake has some nice tools to configure X such as XFDrake. Have you tried to configure x with this tool ?
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Old 09-09-2001
I am use x 4.0. I am not sure what exactly it is something though 4.? I have tried xfdrake. it is not working properly in any resolution when I run XFree86 from the console the screen pops up the same size as it has been showing up then when pressing ctrl alt backspace the lines in log? read 1024x768 does not exsists not sure if that has anythign to do with it.
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Old 09-10-2001
Network Still looking....

I am still Having trouble with this anyone elses insight and suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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Old 09-10-2001
umm... stupid question, I know... but have you played with the display settings after changing resolutions? (ie. screen width/height, etc.. ??) I dont' know what else to tell you. Maybe Mandrake hates Toshiba.. Smilie
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Old 09-10-2001
stupid reply

What do you mean by the screen widht and hieght settings?
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Old 09-10-2001
sorry... I was thinking more in terms of a monitor... I guess laptops don't really have screen adjustments like that.
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