old unix machine at work model # wy-50

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Old 09-08-2001
Question old unix machine at work model # wy-50

I was a tec at AT&T for 36 years and now work at a Doctor's office. We have the old unix unit in our office and it seems my keeps going out. Since, this was my line of work I want to repair this unit so I will not have to walk to the other office. Here is all the info off the unit which is just a ternimal and mother board. I have never repaired any of this kind and want a layout of or any info as to where I can get the info I need. Thank you MarySmilie :Here is the info I forgot:

Model # wy-50
part # 00-050-01
serial # 0001108357
vac - 120v watts 45w
hz 50/60
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Old 09-09-2001
I'm not clear about the system you have. A wyse-50 is just a dumb terminal. Sure you can use a wyse-50 with any version of unix. But you say that your unix system comprises just a wyse-50 and a motherboard. That seems very strange. Virtually every version of unix will also require a mass storage device such as a disk.

But in any event, the info you posted is all about the wyse-50, so I guess that you are certain that the wyse-50 is failing.

Dumb terminals just don't cost enough to justify repairing them anymore. There are currently several wyse-60's for sale on EBAY for $10.00 each and no one is bidding.
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