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Old 09-06-2001
Question Routing between two LAN

Here's the problem. I got one network with a internett connection (2mbit). In this network there's 5 computers connected together with a hub. The other network is also with 5 computers. I'm just wondering if I could connect these networks together. But the one network should not get access to the internett. Ip's on the first network is something like this ip: 10.29.9.* and the netmask is The network with a inet connection has also a NAT router and firewall wich I do not have access to. The other half with no inet connection, here I can decide the ip and netmask myself. I may have a solution but I'm not sure if it will work so that's why I'm posting this. I'm thinking about having a OpenBSD box with to network cards. Smilie Please excuse my english knowlegde.

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Old 09-06-2001
It seems that u need a router or gateway to connect ur two lans.
I don't know how to setup a UNIX box as a gateway, but i ever did it in a windows.
In ur case, Lan1 is connected to internet through router and set NAT in the router or fireware.
Lan2 is another lan which u want to connect to internet.
U can setup a windows with two nics, lets call it Gateway. First nic is nicA, the second one is nicB.
Connect nicA in lan1, assign it the ip address and default gateway of lan1.
Connect nicB in lan2, assign it the ip address of lan2, leave the default gateway blank.
Install Winroute in ur Gateway, inside Winroute, enable NAT in nicA.
Set all other computers in lan2 to use the ip address of nicB as their default gateway.
Then all computers in lan2 can connect internet through the Gateway.

I am very interesting in how to setup a UNIX box as a gateway and enable NAT, any one can give me an example? Thanks
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