Using BootMAgic and FreeUSD

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Old 09-04-2001
Using BootMAgic and FreeUSD

I installed FreeBSD 4.3 today. I downloaded the ISO from the and burned it. I got through the installation and opted not to install the BootManager.

I have BootMagic already and want to use it.

When I restart my computer I just end up starting Windows.
I went into BootMagic's config and added FreeBSD as an OS with no problem. I want to leave Windows as my default.

I dont know how BootMagic works but I assumed that it would give me some dialog to choose what OS I wanted to boot when I restarted my computer.

I was wrong.

Does anyone know how to make it so BootMagic works and lets me boot either OS.

And what is a full-proof way to start up FreeBSD, I only have the CD.

Please help I really want to get past all the details so I can start using UNIx. Thanks.
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Old 09-04-2001
Well, I'm not familiar with BootMagic but in
general, when configuring a dual boot system
(UNIX and Windows), the UNIX partition needs
to be the default and when the system boots up,
you can then specify if you want to boot windows
(or not) at the boot prompt. However, I would
check the FreeBSD docs regarding dual boot
configurations first.
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Old 09-04-2001
Sounds OK

Can you run the scenario by me if you have UNIX as the default.

LIke you start you get a ___ screen.

You type ________ for windows.

You type ________ for UNIX.

Just in case I get lost I can always start one or the other.

I am still trying to get BootMagic to work though.
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Old 09-05-2001
Since I'm not familiar with BootMagic (or
FreeBSD for that matter) I would not claim to
"know" exactly what you should do however,
I will direct you to the following URLs:

...from what I understand, FreeBSD also has a
boot manager similar to Linux's LILO. I think
these sites can give you much more accurate
information than I can Smilie
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Old 09-05-2001
escozooz is now read-only in UNIX.COM for asking the same question over and over again, spamming the forum. My apologies, but this thread is now closed.

Please ask your question one time and place followup information in the same thread. Do not bump the thread for more visibility. Please follow the simple rules of the community for the benefit of all concerned. Thanks so much!!!

We don't want to moderate the forum with a heavy hand on the keyboard. Courtesy and patience, plus doing your own research to provide Board Members enough information to tackle the problem are essential to success.
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