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1 alias 2 commands 1 argument

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Old 08-31-2001
1 alias 2 commands 1 argument

Hi, i want make 1 alias with two commands include to do two things at the same time like this:
ex: do finger and last at the same time with only one word finla or something.


/home/seba > finger dustin
Login name: dustin In real life: Dustin Feldman
Directory: /home/dustin Shell: /usr/local/bin/tcsh
On since Aug 31 15:19:27 on pts/14 from
25 minutes Idle Time
No unread mail
No Plan.
/home/seba > last dustin
dustin pts/14 eyes.tecnet.c Fri Aug 31 15:19 still logged in
dustin pts/11 eyes.tecnet.c Fri Aug 31 12:17 - 12:49 (00:31)
dustin pts/1 r000-40-165-152. Fri Aug 31 08:13 - 08:14 (00:00)
dustin pts/1 r000-40-164-101. Fri Aug 31 01:25 - 02:00 (00:34)

wtmp begins Fri Aug 31 01:25
/home/seba >
# 2  
Old 08-31-2001
alias test='finger dustin; last dustin'
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Old 08-31-2001
thanks mib, but i want to do something like this (with your example):

/home/seba > test dustin


/home/seba > test jesse

i think i have to do something like this:
alias test='finger user; last user'

thanks again, i nice met somebody to reply you.
# 4  
Old 09-01-2001


alias atest='finger $1; last $1'

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