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Old 08-31-2001
Data Dummy Needs Help

I am ftp-ing (I think) files from one computer to another and I am using the Put command to do this. Is there a way for me to string these commands together and Put several files at once?

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Old 08-31-2001
You can use 'mput' command to send multiple file.
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Old 08-31-2001
Thanks for your help!

I tried mput but before it opens each file, it askes "mput filename?". Is there a way around this?

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Old 08-31-2001
The 'prompt' command will toggle the prompting on/off.
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Old 09-01-2001
ftp question

You can also use the "-i" option on the
command line and you woun't get prompted...

ftp -i some_host
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