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Old 12-14-2000
Hello All,

hope someone here can help me with this. I am a new unix system administrator on the HP-UX machine. Every night, our operators back up our file system using one tape but as of recently, our files have gotten bigger and it now requires 2 tapes for a complete backup. Since the operators are not always logged onto the machine to see how the backups are running, it seems like the not all teh backups get done. I only saw it this morning after looking at my mail. Is there a command or something that I can that will send a message to the operators when the backup process looks for a second tape. Hope my question makes some sense. Thanks for your time and help!!!!!
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Old 12-14-2000
what kind of software are you using to create the backup?
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Old 12-14-2000
I am using SAM to do my backup. I hope thats what your asking me..
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Old 12-14-2000
SAM !!

Of course, confusion created by an obfuscation front end to hide the details Smilie Backups are easily performed from the command line, and if you want some extra features, just write a simple script to do the backup, email when you need to change tapes, etc.

Try to move beyond SAM when you start having problems. You can find the scripts that SAM uses to do backups and use these as a template for your custom scripts.

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