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Old 08-23-2001
Error Server

hi i am Currently useing Windows NT with Apache and i am thinking of chaning to Liunx (redhat) Smilie But i am Not Sure Yet is Linux Easy to Setup and Use i Will be Downloading.Redhats FTP site it from and i do have a Burner and i if i use Linux i will Loss support For ASP right??

Please Help
Also How do i Set-Up DNS with Apache?

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Old 08-23-2001
First of all, I'd suggest doing some searching on this site to answer some of your questions about Linux and even apache. I don't think you'll lose ASP support under Apache, since it's one of the, if not THE leading web server in use today.

Linux is what it is. I don't think anyone would ever tell you that a unix based system is EASY. The learning curve is quite steep and will take time to get used to. Your best bet is to get some books and hole yourself up somewhere for a few months with a system to play with before you implement a live server on it. Setup should be a breeze, but the OS in general is nothing like NT, however the GUIs available do help.

Regardless... download it, play with it, familiarize yourself with its amazing power and join the ranks of many apache web administrators among us.
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Old 08-23-2001
You do not have native capability for running ASP's via apache on a *NIX platform, so yes unless you obtain and use some third party software such as Chillisoft's offering you will not be able to make use of ASP on such a platform. JSP and php will work fine.

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Old 08-25-2001
Sorry Guys

What i meant to say is there a Bid Learning Curve in Linux 6.2 To 7.0 I have used 6.2 For about a Year.
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Old 08-28-2001

Ahh, you are only wondering if there is a big difference between RedHat 6.2 and RedHat 7.0. Well, in my opinion, no. There are a few different commands, and if you run a clean install you will not (by default) have inetd, but instead have xinetd. My suggestion is to set up a "parallel" server, get it ready to your liking, then swap the two in production.

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Old 08-28-2001
Thank you cool idea.
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