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Old 08-22-2001
file management in unix

In unix system, is there any file management like Window Explorer
in Windows system. If it has, what is different between them.

Could you please help because I do not have any idea about UNIX

thank you
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Old 08-23-2001
There are many, many windows managers... the most common use the X Window system, but there's CDE, KDE, Gnome, twm(.... so on, so forth) that will "sit on top", and provide the graphical front-end. If you're new to Unix, you can even get window managers that look like MS Windows or Mac OS...
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Old 08-23-2001
I can't tell from your post whether you are actually using a version of *nix or whether you are just inquiring about it. If you're using Linux, you're probably dealing with a GUI by now and there should be a readily available "Explorer" type browser available to you. My suggestion is to spend some time with the command line and learn to manipulate and view your files from there. It's much more efficient and informative once you get used to it.

However, if you're just being inquisitive, please post back your actual intended OS so we can try to pinpoint your "explorer" or point you in a better direction.
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Old 08-28-2001
What I want to know is in Windows there is file manager: Windows Explorer. But I do not know about file manager in UNIX,
now I know that there is X-Window for UNIX but infact I do not know file manager in X-Window, what it is look like, where I can get information....
Thank you
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Old 08-28-2001

I think Ober5861 had the right idea... instead of trying to describe all of your possible options, you should post back with the version or type of Unix you had in mind (Solaris, Linux, IRIX, HP-UX, etc...), and it could narrow down the most common GUIs. Also, to be helpful, try to post how you would / will be making the connection (are you installing Unix at home, are you connecting via Telnet, XDCMP?). If you just want general information, check out:

Check all of those out - that gives you an idea of the many file browsers that are available for Unix systems, depending on which you have.
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Old 08-28-2001
Well are you speaking of 'Window Managers' or 'File Managers'. If its window managers see besides the link provided by LivinFree.

All these window managers includes their own file management tools such as KFM (KDE) GMC (GNOME) Midnight Commander... Besides this there are many based on GTK and other development tool kits.

Here you can see few file managers:

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