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Is there online help for awk programming

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Old 08-17-2001
Question Is there online help for awk programming

Can anybody please supply me with a good url to get online help to awk programming, with good examples.

Yes I've taken that big step in trying to master 'awk' after being able to avoid it for the last couple of years :-)

Failing that, is there any good books I can get instead.

Many thanks

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Old 08-17-2001
check it out


awk & sed O'Reilly ISBN: 1-56592-225-5

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Old 08-17-2001
personaly i would start with the following books in this order. all by Oreilly

1) Learning the KORN Shell (or what ever your shell is)
2) Mastering regular expressions
3) then what ever scripting/programming books you like.

i think that after the expression book you will beable to take alot more out of all the other books after that.

and its not that hard of a book to read.
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Old 08-21-2001
Bug Re Awk Book.

Found a good book called 'The AWK Programming Language' by Alfred V.Aho, Brian W. Kernighan and Peter J Weinberger.

It explains everything you need to know, with lots of examples.

The only down side is the cost and the page count (204 pages) and 40.00 UK Pounds. But I think it's worth it.


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Old 08-22-2001
This link was posted a few weeks back, and has been bookmarked by me:


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