AWK - Hard to understand for me

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AWK - Hard to understand for me

Hi All,

I have googled and spent few hours to understand about AWK usage... But still not very much clear....

Upto my understanding 'AWK' deals with files... It reads the file takes it as a input process it and gives output or writes the output to an another file...

>> Please correct me if I am wrong OR make me more clear and precise Smilie

When I tried executing below command in the command prompt
awk' '{print$1}' SNA_DB_UPG.list

It does not take this as a command and further seeking for a terminator... Smilie

Further I felt better to give some file to print the output as below:
awk' '{print$1}' SNA_DB_UPG.list >> test

But Alas no luck.. Smilie

Please share few more examples... I gone through with older posts as well.. But nothing clicked me.. Smilie

Thanks in Advance: Ambar
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we need to give space between the print and $1
print $1

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But still .. after giving space also .. It is not working for me.. Smilie
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just noticed..

please remove the highlighted single quote

awk' '{print $1}' SNA_DB_UPG.list

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Thanks itkamaraj

Now it worked!! Thank you very much...

But can you please elaborate me with the logic as well.. As i am trying to understand the 'AWK'... what is all about - I know it is huge topic but the basic understanding so that I can read it further in google Smilie

Thanks again itkamaraj.. I really feel good after executing my first command using 'awk' Smilie
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you can learn more in this page ( very good for awk and sed commands )

Awk - A Tutorial and Introduction - by Bruce Barnett
Welcome to The UNIX Grymoire!
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When I executed the below code in command prompt again the same problem.... Seeking for a delimiter and not taking the below as a executable code

BEGIN { print "SNA_DB_UPG.list"," }
{ print $8, "\t", $3}
END { print " - DONE -" }

It is requested to please explain me.

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