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Old 08-16-2001

i'm thinking about getting the geforce3 graphics card, but i don't know if freebsd supports it yet... so, i was wondering if anyone out there has gotten fbsd to run X windows properly with their geforce3?
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Old 08-17-2001

The question here is if X supports it. What version of X are you running? Then, head on over to Depending upon the version of X you've got, you may very well be able to use it.

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Old 08-17-2001

the only problems with a geforce3 is that you don't have nice opengl support under freebsd or most other unix platforms (maybey only with the accelerated x server (not a free x server) is a site for an accelerated x server ). i don't know if it works under freebsd. if you don't need fast 3d supprt you could use the software 3d support from mesa .

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