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Old 08-16-2001
Bug xterm and display

I go to a different terminal ctrl-alt f2
i want to be able to open up another xterm there.

How do i do it?

Specificly, I want to be able to log into another computer in term f2. I then want to open a gui term and then execute programs on one computer but have them display on mine?

I have tried man -k display and found way to much.
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Old 08-16-2001
Are you talking about Linux?

In Linux, if you hit Ctrl-Alt-F2, you will get a terminal screen. You will not be able to launch xterms or any other X app. from there.

Here is what you want to do: Open up an xterm on your local machine (I'll call it myhost). Type "xhost +remotehost". Login to machine remotehost. Type: "export DISPLAY=myhost:0". Now, any X apps. you launch will be running on remotehost, and displayed on myhost. If you use ssh to connect between the two machines, then you will not need to worry about typing the xhost+ or DISPLAY= commands, as ssh takes care fo this for you.

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