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Old 08-15-2001
Extremely Interested

As i was reading an article on being a "HACKERS" which was 30 minutes ago thinking that HACKING was the same as CRACKING, after the reading i discovered their difference, a hacker builds the internet while crackers just cracks and annoy like phreaking and breaking into people's computer.

That really got me into HACKING, althought i have no skills except for simple vB object runtime changing, and no C or C++ experience. Anyone got any good beginners guide?

Anyways can anyone post their first hacking experience, so i can learn from it. Cause i want to be the ones contructing.
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Old 08-15-2001
You might be interested in the Jargon File entry for hacker, as well as the related entries.

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Old 08-15-2001
Being Stupid

I guess i was wrongly educated, since i am very ignorant in some ways.
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Old 08-15-2001
altho i cant view the site PXT posted due to the word hacking in the url. (to tired to figure out the binary equivlent of the ip)

i always liek my personl deffinetion of a "hacker"

Hacker: One who enjoys learning new things to the point where he truly understands why and how it works.

this deffinetion is more then just a computer term. it can be used everywhere in alot of fasits.
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Old 08-16-2001

I agree completely, optimus_p. Also, to rid yourself of that silly keyword restriction, go here:
https://safeweb.com. If that doesn't work, check out They are devising a way (using safeweb) to foil literally all content filters, courtesy of TriangleBoy. Be sure to check out the "configure" section once you open a page with it - you can hide the entries in your history, block pop-ups... so on...

I use it to read bofh.ntk.net when I'm at work... Smilie
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Old 08-16-2001
for C Programming tutorials search in

As ESR said you can't be an Internet hacker without understanding Unix and C. I assumes that you have basic knowledge in unix environment. If so test your hacking skill at http://www.hackerslab.org/eorg/

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