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Old 08-14-2001
format to linux native?

hi again all,
i am still trying to get my old win95 pc to become a unix/linux pc, running with redhat.
i managed to install it on my old win32/fat partition (which is the whole hdd), but when i did this it said it may result in lower operating speed, but i couldn't manage to create a linux native partition as whenever i did the next button would become unavailable.
ok, so i went back to dos from my win95 boot disk with a couple of dos commands on it and deltree'd the whole hdd and then ran fdisk and chose not to make it large or whatever it was.
now it says that my hdd has no label and it won't go through the install.
what do i need to do to get redhat running on my 'puter as a linux native machine?
i dont care if it deletes anything on the hdd as i dont need any of it.
thanks in advance
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Old 08-15-2001
In the Redhat installer, it should give you a choice of using fdisk, cfdisk, or disk druid to partition your drive. If possible, try disk druid, and if that doesn't work, try cfdisk. If neither works, post back...

Remember to create at least one partition for Linux (just called Linux in druid and cfdisk, called ext2 in fdisk), and at least a little space for swap in there too. The reccomended swap space is 2 times your RAM (e.g. - if you have 32meg RAM, make at least a 64 meg swap partition).
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Old 08-15-2001

you can still use the LARGE DISK - it doesn't have something to do with the unability to install linux partition - but you need to leave some space for another partition - that is linux native e2fs and linux swap. So, run fdisk, create a bootable DOS partition, leave some gigabytes (2 will be okay, 800megs is still working) for linux.

you can proceed with format c: from DOS. or just boot from your Readhat CD, than it will go on. Don't forget to choose linux native...

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