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Old 08-14-2001
Java Case sensitivity

Is there any way of stopping UNIX from being case sensitive?
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Old 08-14-2001

Not that I'm aware of, however, MacOSX is not case sensitive, as I understand. It is a Unix variant, but it can cause problems.

You could always write a script that charges through your filesystem, finding file with CAPS, and automatically change your names to lower-case. Although, that in itself would cause problems with configuration files
(/etc/HOSTNAME on Linux systems, for example)

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Old 08-14-2001

Well not in all the cases , but in case of unix commands you should go through the manual pages i.e man command_name to check whether there is a case insensitive support for that command for e.g the grep command which supports a case insensitive search by using the "i" option and also the vi editor which provides the case insensitive search by giving the :se ic.
SO hope this helps you
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