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Old 08-13-2001
Java Executing commands with xargs

I have a SQL script that requires values from the environment in order to execute. I found a way to get the desired results but my process is a little choppy. Any suggestions on how to clean this up would be greatly appreciated.

SQL Script
select a, b, c
from d
where a = '$VAR'

The following command builds a temporary file that will be executed to create the new SQL script for execution
more bmo.sql|xargs -i echo "echo \"{}\"" >> bmo.tmp.ux

Permissions are then changed
chmod 700 bmo.tmp.ux

File is then executed directing output to new file.
bmo.tmp.ux > bmo.tmp.sql

The new file can then be used and the *.tmp.* file can be removed after a successful execution.
rm bmo.tmp.ux bmo.tmp.sql

I was hoping someone knew a trick so I could create my *.tmp.sql file using the xargs command. I have attempted to do so but xargs does not seem to replace the environment variable with it's contents when called from the echo.

Any suggestions would be apprecitated. Thanks.
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Old 08-13-2001
I had another thought:

echo "echo \"" > bmo.tmp.ux
cat bmo.sql >> bmo.tmp.ux
echo "\"" >> bmo.tmp.ux
chmod 700 bmo.tmp.ux
bmo.tmp.ux > bmo.tmp.sql
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