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Problems with sed

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Old 02-23-2005
Problems with sed


I'm trying to use the sed command but I'm not sure how to use it properly. I've read the man pages for the sed command but I'm still unsure on how to use it.
Basically I have a file with the words male and female written multiple times. I want to swap the word male for female and vice versa. Can anyone help me??
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Old 02-23-2005
$ sed -e 's/male/female/' file1 > file2
$ sed -e 's/fefemale/male/' file2

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Old 02-23-2005
sed -e 's/\([^f][^e]\)male/\1female/g' file
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Old 02-23-2005
sed -e 's/\([^f][^e]\)male/\1female/g' file
vgersh99 !

It is not exactly swapping ....

single liner of my version

sed 's/male/female/;s/fefemale/male/' file1

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Old 02-23-2005
Originally Posted by bhargav
vgersh99 !

It is not exactly swapping ....

single liner of my version

sed 's/male/female/;s/fefemale/male/' file1

just when I was about to correct myself.... Smilie

actually the words can appear multiple times, therefore:
sed -e 's/male/female/g;s/fefemale/male/g' file1

sorry for the confusion.

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