x window configuration for redhat 6.0

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Old 08-09-2001
Data x window configuration for redhat 6.0

I recently tried to install redhat 6.0 on my IBM desk top. Everything was fine except the x window. After the installation, I logged in, the icons and graphics were so big that I even could not read a complete message in one screen. I did not find any helpful tool in the control panel to help me to fix it, I also tried to reinstall linux and redo x configuration, but the result is the same. Could any one tell me what is the problem with it and how to fix it?

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Old 08-10-2001

You video card may not be fully supported... I had this problem with a cheap-o machine that I had... Windows only vid card.

Did you try Xconfigurator? I believe that in 6.0, you may manually set sync rates and frequency... It may be just that.

You may have to do a little research on your monitor and vid card, but hopefully it'll pay off in the end!
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Old 08-10-2001
x window configuration for redhat 6.0

If the x configurator still can not work, does it mean I need to purchase a new vid card? How did you solve your problem before?


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Old 08-11-2001
Try to upgrade your X server

RH 6.0 comes with XFree86 Version Current release is 4.1.0 and XFree86 has matured enough to suppord wide range of video cards.

Note: There are many many things that you can try with your current X server to get it working properly.

Try to read docs located @:

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Old 08-11-2001
Hammer & Screwdriver x window configuration for redhat 6.0

Thanks, I will try that.
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