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Error Audio Problem

Hi I recently installed BT 5 Gnome on my Asus laptop running on Intel HD graphics.

I've been having problems with audio, at first I experienced the basic problem that was solved by adding pulse audio to the starting programs. This allowed me to open Sound preferences but I still have no sound. I'm not sure which output to use on the settings, but I have tried all of them and none were sucessful. Any help is appreciated!

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send_sound(1)						      General Commands Manual						     send_sound(1)

send_sound - play an audio file SYNOPSIS
[-format_switch] [] [] [] [] [] DESCRIPTION
This command plays an audio file. is the command used when you double-click an audio file from the HP VUE File Manager. The file begins playing, according to the settings of the Audio Control Panel. is one these formats: Sun file format NeXT file format Microsoft RIFF Waveform file format MuLaw format ALaw linear 16-bit format offset (unsigned) linear 8-bit format linear 8-bit format If you omit the filename with this option, plays the audio data from plays the file on the output of an audio server identified by system which is either a system name or a TCP/IP address. plays the file the number of times you supply. Note that you cannot use this option if the source is a filename is required. plays file with the priority you supply, either or sets the sample rate of the source audio. plays the audio file at the sampling rate you enter. plays a stereo file. This option is needed only for a raw data file with stereo data. AUTHOR
was developed by HP. NeXT is a trademark of NeXT Computers, Inc. Microsoft is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. SEE ALSO
audio(5), asecure(1M), aserver(1M), attributes(1), convert(1). send_sound(1)

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