Trouble Setting Up Sun Ultra 10 - Displaying Garbage

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Old 09-25-2011
Trouble Setting Up Sun Ultra 10 - Displaying Garbage

Hello there,

I am new to this forum as well as to the UNIX world. Recently graduated with a degree in Computing and just started learning UNIX & bought 3 Sun Ultra 10 Servers. I was trying to set the Servers up so I can use them; the Servers don't have a VGA card. My laptop, which I would be using as a console, does not have a VGA/Serial out so I bought a USB to Serial cable to connect it (with the laptop and) with the Server's DB25 port (which has an adapter to convert it to RJ45). I tried the connection with a straight cable, roll over cable (RJ45 both ends) and another roll over cable (RJ45 at one end and female serial at the other); Since I have Windows 7 on my laptop hence there is no Hyper Terminal, so instead downloaded Putty Extra to communicate with the Server.

But, whenever I connect the Server(s), they either don't display anything or display garbage on screen. As I have 3 Servers, I tried it with all of them with the same result, changed the Adapters on the back of the Servers, changed my USB to Serial cable, plugged in cable into different ports of the server and etc, with same result!

Any help would be highly appreciated because I am really stuck here Smilie

Also, attaching a picture of the back of the server, as well as the cables I am using, in case I am using them with the wrong port on the server/wrong cable (though.. have tried all different combinations!).

In the Image:

1 = the port of the server I am connecting with (DB25 with an adapter to convert it to RJ45)
2 = USB to Serial cable I am using to connect my laptop to (number 5 and then to) the Server
3 = Extra Console/Roll Over cable I bought, with a female serial on one end and a RJ 45 connector on the other
4 = an extra adapter I got with the Servers (the pin settings on this are slightly different to the one(s) already in the Server (number 1)
5 = connect this adapter to my (number 2) USB to Serial cable and then have used both straight & roll over cables to connect to number 1, but the result is either empty screen or garbage on the screen.

Thanks for reading this!
Trouble Setting Up Sun Ultra 10 - Displaying Garbage-2011-09-25-065016-jpegjpg
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Old 09-25-2011
if i remember right you will need a "null modem" connection.
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Old 09-26-2011
Thanks for the prompt reply!

If you look at the image file I attached, you will see that I have a USB to serial cable already. Is it the same as a null modem cable? (as my laptop doesn't have a serial out/vga out) I mean, I can attach the serial end of it to the B port on server and USB end to laptop, will that do? Or do I have to get a null modem cable anyway?

Also, for the past 10 hours having trouble with this USB to serial cable, not being picked up by my Windows 7 anymore (used to work fine!) so have ordered one more; and when that comes in will try to connect it to B port of server ( is that what you meant? coz I was connecting it to the DB25 port of the server before by using a DB25 to RJ45 adapter )

Many thanks.
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Old 09-26-2011
serial cable != null modem cable.
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Old 09-26-2011
A NULL modem cable has the transmit and receive lines swapped, so that two DCE type devices can talk to each other directly. Sort of like a crossover networking cable is used to hook two ethernet ports together directly.

You may need to attach one to the serial end of your RS232-USB device.

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Old 10-01-2011
Thank you guys!

It didn't initially work with a null modem cable.. until I bought a DB25 to DB9 adapter..

Afterwards, I connected the null modem cable into the DB9 end of that adapter and connected to my USB to serial cable and it worked!

thanks ever so much!
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Old 10-02-2011
Okay, now that the system is working fine; can anyone please tell me where can I download Sun Solaris 9 for Sparc? - And since the Servers have only CD drives, how would I be able to burn the OS onto 2 CDs?
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