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Old 08-07-2001
suse graphic console

suse linux comes default installed with a graphic there any way to switch this to a regular black-on-white text-mode console?

any help would be appreciated.

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Old 08-08-2001
I am not familiar with Suse specifically, but on most versions of Lunux you just need to change /etc/inittab so that the default run-level is 3 instead of 5. Look for the line that says something like:


Change the 5 to a 3. If Suse has a control panel or config tool you might be able to do it through there also.

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Old 08-09-2001
changing the run-level to three gets rid of xwindows login and goes back to console login, but there is still a graphic console.

anyone have any ideas?
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Old 08-09-2001

I'm not sure I understand...
You get a text-based login screen, but when you sign in, it starts up your GUI? Or are you saying that when LILO comes up, you get a graphic selection menu? In RedHat 7.0 and above, I believe, that is default... Can you be more descriptive?
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Old 08-09-2001

tell this file you don't have a color graphics card.

OR........ reboot the machine with the boot disk you made and select re-boot to installed operating system. the first screen will ask what language and you confirm it. the next screen will ask you if you have a color graphics card. if you select NO, you will not be given any color graphics. all grey and black or white and black will be the default.

I love my SuSE Smilie

go have some fun!

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Old 08-09-2001
if i set it to think i don't have a color graphics card will it still let me run xwindows?

i don't think you guys understand my problem. i'm using suse linux 7.2 and it comes with a graphic terminal.

not a graphic login or a graphic window manager. the console is white with a penguin water-mark and a green emboss border.

yea, the terminal where you type commands.

i just want to set it to normal white text on black background...i think i need someone who uses suse to answer this. maybe not.
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Old 08-10-2001
Hmm... I can't find anything about that at I did find this, however:
Could this be your problem? If not try searching the SuSe site with a different description than "graphic console". I already tried that. 8-)

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