Email ids trucated in Mailx function

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Old 08-12-2011
Email ids trucated in Mailx function

I wanted to send email to list of people using mailx in unix. I am getting the emailds from a oracle table and getting the ids in a variable. Shell script is shown below:
filename=testdata921 export filename
UTLFILE_DIR=/tmp1/test export UTLFILE_DIR
sqlplus -s $Username/$Pwd@$Database <<EOF
set heading off
set feedback off
select email_address from email_list where APPLICATION='TESTDATA921';
echo "$mailids"
sqlplus << EOF
whenever sqlerror exit failure;
execute PRC_FILE_GENERATE; --this generates testdata921 file
if [ $RC = 0 ]
echo "SQL executed successfully...."
unix2dos $filename.csv $filename.tmp
(uuencode $filename.tmp $filename.csv) | mailx -s "TESTDATA921 File" $mailids
echo "SQL was NOT successfully executed...."
echo "Program exited with RC=$RC"
exit $RC

Output of below sql query is
select email_address from email_list where APPLICATION='TESTDATA921';,,

It should send email to all the three persons. But if you see the output of echo in the unix screen it is

bash-3.00$ int1247_syst_1.ksh,,Nagamarimuthu.Karupp

So I am getting email with TO addresses as

where amrndhp0001g is server name
Can anyone tell why is it so? Do i need to do something while getting the addresses in variable.

Note: If i assign the email ids directly to the variable mailids, it works fine.

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Old 08-12-2011
what do you mean assign email ids directly works?
do you mean the below works?
(uuencode $filename.tmp $filename.csv) | mailx -s "TESTDATA921 File",,

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Old 08-12-2011
Yes, if i assign

This works fine. but calling SQL code and then assigning the output of SQL is not working, if I give more than two IDs. It is restricting to some length.
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Old 08-14-2011
Please, somebody help me with this. Thanks.
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Old 08-14-2011
try this, see if it makes any difference:
(uuencode $filename.tmp $filename.csv) | mailx -s "TESTDATA921 File" `echo "$mailids"`

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Old 08-15-2011
@dude2cool, Thanks for your help. But this also didnt work.

I tried the below code and i'm able to send the email now.

echo "select email_address from grw_email_list where APPLICATION='BEVDATA921';
" | sqlplus -s $Username_ODS/$Pwd_ODS@$Database_syst | \
while read line
if [[ $i -gt 2 ]]
b=" "
while [ $i -lt ${#arr[@]}-1 ]
if [ $i -eq ${#arr[@]}-2 ]
(( i=i+1 ))
infile=`echo "$email_suc" | sed 's/ //g'`

And then used the "infile" in
(uuencode $filename.tmp $filename.csv) | mailx -s "BEVDATA921 File" "$infile"
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