VIM E212: Cannot save a new file

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Old 08-12-2011
VIM E212: Cannot save a new file

Hey everyone,

I'm new to Linux and am attempting to run a TF2 server on a CentOS VPS (terminal only). I followed this guide (link below) and have arrived on step 4, creating a configuration file.

When I try to save the new file however, I get the E212: Can't open file for writing error. This happens even when I do " sudo vim orangebox/tf/cfg/server.cfg" which to my understanding is suppose to give me permissions? How can I save this file?

I am using the tf2user account created in step 1 of the guide (although I have added it to sudoers).


EDIT: I have fixed the problem myself. Thanks

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update-rcconf-guide - Create default guide file for rcconf SYNOPSIS
update-rcconf-guide DESCRIPTION
Update-rcconf-guide creates the default guide file which rcconf uses. Update-rcconf-guide searches the package names corresponding to each service file in /etc/init.d directory from dpkg info files(/var/lib/dpkg/info/*.list) and get the description of these packages using apt-cache. Update-rcconf-guide uses Short-Description in priority to the description if service files has Short-Description field. Update-rcconf-guide writes those results to /var/lib/rcconf/guide.default file. You can write your own guide in user guide file(/var/lib/rcconf/guide) by hand. Rcconf refers Guides in /var/lib/rcconf/guide before those in /var/lib/rcconf/guide.default. If you install some packages after executed update-rcconf-guide, you need to re-create this file using update-rcconf-guide so as to refresh guide.default that includes new guides for installed new services. Notice: update-rcconf-guide was not executed when you installed rcconf package. FILE
/var/lib/rcconf/guide.default Guide File update-rcconf-guide generates. /var/lib/rcconf/guide Guide File user(Administrator) can define. SEE ALSO
rcconf(8) AUTHOR
Atsushi KAMOSHIDA <> perl v5.10.1 2009-01-21 UPDATE-RCCONF-GUIDE(8)