Run scripts through AutoSys depending on holiday

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Old 08-02-2011
Run scripts through AutoSys depending on holiday

Hi all,

I am new to autosys. Can anyone help me in writing autosys job for the below script?

Requirement is : 1.Every day it should run this script at particular time except on holidays.
2.The day after holiday some other script should be running.

Thanks in advance.


#set -x

if [ "$#" != "3" ]
    echo "Usage: $0 <1stfile_name> <2ndfile_name> <poll_interval_in_sec> "
    exit 1

OLDDATE=$(date --date='3 days ago' +"%Y%m%d")
EXPECTINGDATE=$(date --date='2 days ago' +"%Y%m%d")
TARGETDATE=$(date --date='1 day ago' +"%Y%m%d")

sed -e "s/$EXPECTINGDATE/$TARGETDATE/ig" > rename.tmp && mv rename.tmp
sed -e "s/$OLDDATE/$EXPECTINGDATE/ig" > rename.tmp && mv rename.tmp
chmod +x

#echo "inputfiledate is $EXPECTINGDATE and outputfiledate is $TARGETDATE and previous date is $OLDDATE"


while [ "$#" != "1" ]
  if  [ -f $FIRST_FILE_NAME  ]
      echo "executing for the first time"

    sleep $POLL_INTERVAL
 echo "File yet to come"

while [ "$#" != "1" ]
  if  [ -f $SECOND_FILE_NAME  ]
      echo "executing for the second time"
echo "File yet to come"

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