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Old 08-15-2001
Lightbulb follow-up on that

thanks for the additional info... however right now i'm not that much on sqlplus. simple queries are fine for the moment and your response to the error handling caught my attention Smilie i was wondering is there any site where i can practice sqlplus. let say create an account and have access to a test database where i can practice? coz i know that there are sites that give free shell accounts where anyone can practice, how about sqlplus in specific? appreciate your reply Smilie

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Old 08-15-2001

Are you running Linux at home, or have access to somewhere that it is? If so, head on over to oracle.com and download yourself a free personal version. Install away, and play!
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Old 08-15-2001
no i don't have linux installed in me, what i have is a compaq presario 1200 notebook in which windows 98 is currently installed. i only starting to get a hang on unix at work and someday would like to familiarize with sqlplus. it will be good to my competency at the same time self-fulfilling in my part Smilie please help...

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Old 08-16-2001

Well, you're already on the right track...
Asking questions, showing an interest; that's the start to learning I can think of.

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